Indian Nurses
The RN India Solution
RN India provides healthcare facilities with highly skilled international nurses with exceptional clinical and communication skills. Each of our nurse’s has a bachelor’s degree (4 years) or diploma (3 years) in nursing and at least two years of acute care experience. Our nurses have been exposed to US Nursing Practice issues and arrive at your facility fully licensed and ready to work.

Compare the Difference

Typical Staffing Companies

RN India

Rely on 3rd parties to recruit and screen nurses in order to fill client orders

Our offices and partners abroad are continually preparing nurses for US employment opportunities.

Very little knowledge of nurses’s home country or healthcare system

We make it a point to understand where our nurses are coming from and what types of facilities they’ve worked at abroad.

Non-attorneys oversee immigration process In-house immigration attorneys monitor visa process
Nurses prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam on their own with very little guidance - many have to repeat the exam.

Structured Classroom & Distance Learning Programs for NCLEX-RN with 98% success rate

Don't provide adequate clinical and cultural orientation programs for nurses Can arrange an orientation program based on facility’s needs
Do not guarantee delivery time or satisfaction with their nurses Guarantee delivery time & satisfaction with every single nurse

Why We’re Number One

International Presence

Our expansive network of recruitment and training centers abroad allows us to provide clients with a steady stream of highly skilled nursing professionals.

Unique Screening Process
Our thorough screening process enables us to provide you with highly skilled nurses that will work smoothly into – and within – your existing staff.

Full Service Solution
We manage the entire nurse procurement process including
recruitment, certification, immigration, licensing & orientation.

Comprehensive Relocation Services
In addition to providing meet & greet services, temporary housing, Social Security and banking services,
RN India provides unique acclimation services to ensure that nurses are comfortable when they arrive at their new facilities.

State of the Art Nurse Orientation Programs
RN India has established exclusive relationships with state-of-the-art clinical skills laboratories to supplement the client facility’s orientation program for the newly landed international nurses.  During the week after landing, candidates go through a comprehensive orientation program in a simulated clinical environment to familiarize the nurses with standard protocols, equipment, modern technology and US documentation practice

Guarantee Satisfaction
We guarantee delivery time and satisfaction with each and every nurse.

We Add Value to Your Bottom Line

To learn more about our healthcare staffing solutions, please call us at 1 949 257-7681 or fill out the Facility Request Form and we’ll get back to you right away

We look forward to working with you!


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